Brass Knuckles Under New York Law

by ECL Writer
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The use of metal knuckles is forbidden in the state of New York. Additionally, in some states, those that can be worn as jewelry on the fingers or around the neck are regarded as concealed weapons.

Due to their use in prominent TV shows and video games, as well as other forms of popular mass media, brass knuckles have become glamorized. However, it should be noted that some states have made these items illegal because of the risks they pose. Serious injuries with brass knuckles can include shattered bones, concussions, and damage to the eyes, nose, and mouth of the victim. These wounds often result in severe disfigurement. Although uncommon, these injuries can result in death.

Not all states have laws against these things. Brass knuckles, for instance, are only prohibited in South Carolina if they are used by someone who is doing or about to commit a crime. Furthermore, while some states only outlaw metal knuckles, others forbid those made of acrylic, hard plastics, or metals.

If brass knuckles are discovered in someone’s possession in New York, they may be charged with fourth-degree weapon possession. Additionally, a conviction might appear on their record, making it challenging for them to later apply for loans, housing, or even employment. By presenting proof that the brass knuckles did not belong to the accused, a criminal law attorney may be able to disprove the allegations. Otherwise, the lawyer may contend that any searches or seizures that led to the discovery of the weapons were unlawful or that the authorities acted improperly.

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