Reducing the Sentence in a New York Theft Case

by ECL Writer
Petit larceny

In New York, there are several possible angles from which to approach a theft case. A person has a stronger chance of being able to pay restitution and of having the sentence lowered from a felony and any potential incarceration if the case is strong. The length of time it takes someone to pay is also important. Can a claimed victim pay the money in one single amount or would they have to wait five years while probation supervises their payment? You must speak with an experienced attorney right away to determine some of the many factors needed to decrease punishment in your theft case in New York City.

Lessening The Sentence

An attorney will be able to cast doubt on the circumstance if the prosecution is unable to verify and substantiate the veracity of the sum the claimed victim claims was taken. A lawyer can assist in demonstrating the validity of any potential transactions and the absence of any embezzlement.

In each larceny case, a lawyer can determine whether the amount in question is less than what the District Attorney alleges or assert that none of the allegedly stolen items were ever taken. Also, they can confirm that the money was spent in this situation lawfully. Using this information, the defense lawyer can claim that no crime took place at all and work to have the theft charge’s sentence reduced.

Also, if a person believed they had a right to a piece of property, a lawyer might contest that belief and prevent any potential trespassing or other criminal crimes. The usage of the property was legitimate, according to a lawyer. The crime, the prosecution’s theories and evidence, the arrests and statements, and any unfulfilled search warrants will all be subject to question by a skilled lawyer. If this is done properly, a person’s New York theft sentence may be reduced.

When a lawyer can refute such factors, a person may be able to lower a felony conviction to a misdemeanor, avoid jail time, or perhaps get their New York theft sentence completely reduced.

Avoiding The Charge

A misdemeanor may be completely avoided or punished with probation rather than jail time. How far someone can stray from the charge will depend on the particulars of the case. Thus, it is crucial for a client to communicate with their lawyer so that they have the resources needed to gather positive evidence and refute the prosecution’s assertions.

Being Open With An Attorney

One needs to be honest with their lawyer when facing these kinds of offenses. A lawyer will walk a client through each step of the procedure, but they also have to give them any evidence that can strengthen their case. A defense attorney must be able to persuade the prosecution that either the theft did not occur or that the money involved or the property’s worth is incorrect. A skilled lawyer will handle the grunt work, guide their client through the procedure, and determine their best course of action, but they must be aware of where to go for that information.

It is crucial to speak with a lawyer to help you minimize any potential repercussions you may be facing in order to effectively lower the sentencing of your New York theft case.

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